Email is by far the best way to get in touch with me, much better than the phone. 

Email gives me a chance to check up on a good answer to your questions (I'm usually too confused to make much sense on the phone because I was in the middle of doing something else when it rang), and it allows me to take care of your questions when it fits in with other work.

IPE is a small one-man operation so I have to do it all myself, and you don't want me to be interrupted by the phone when I am working on your order  - or on your engine rebuild! Call me if you absolutely must (you can leave a message if I'm not there). But otherwise, please use email. Thanks for your understanding.

That said, feel free to email me with any Indian-related question or problem you may have. Either about my parts and services, or Indian motorcycles in general. I like to help where I can.

Indian Parts Europe
Sparresholmvej 14
DK-2700 Bronshoj

Phone: (+45) 2180 1840

Email: info@indianpartseurope.com

Mail order info here

Email me at: info@indianpartseurope.com

Note to Scandinavian customers: 
Det er OK at skrive på dansk, norsk eller svensk!

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