Check this page when you visit the IPE website to see what has happened since last time you were here.
May 18,  2023: I guess I should update the IPE logo to "25th Anniversary 1998-2023"!
Put a note on the front page that I am still here. Working on new website as time and inspiration allows. More in 2028! :-)

September 10, 2018: Clutch page. The supply of King clutch kits has been sporadic for the last 10 years or so, and now there will be no more. I have had alternative clutch kits for most models for some years, which I have used in rotation with King according to what was available at any given time. These kits are very similar to King (same construction, materials, function) and work just as well. There will be a bigger update of the page soon. In the meantime, just ask and I will do what I can to get you a good clutch for your Indian - or ACE, Henderson or Super-X!

Oh, and updated the IPE logo to "20th Anniversary 1998-2018" - it had been at "15th" since 2013... I spend most of my time email consulting with old and new customers, but perhaps 5 year update intervals are streching things a little!

June 6, 2017: Added pic and description of manifold mold to the front page + a fabulous shot of Indians being ridden in NZ. Still thinking about what direction a major website update should go in.

July 12, 2016: Kind of in the old VI days, I twisted the arm of new local Indian rider Martin to write "what I did on my vacation" for the front page - a fabulous story of highs and lows, challenges being overcome, the fun of the open road, why front fenders are a good idea in the rain, and... read it yourself and be inspired! 

February 17, 2016: 741 sold. If you find a good running Indian for sale at a reasonable price BUY IT before someone else does. Such a bike makes so much more sense than trying to rebuild a typically hopeless basket case.

December 20, 2015: Way cool 741 for sale on the front page.

September 16, 2015: Couldn't resist posting a snapshot on the front page of one of the coolest Chiefs among IPE's friends and customers. Also a link to oil filters to help you keep your Indian engine clean (inside, at least!).

No Indian racing at Bonneville this year; the salt was too wet for both SpeedWeek and Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (formerly known as BUB). Fingers crossed for better weather for 2016! I hope to have an update over the winter on some of the Indian racers IPE has been helping with.

If you are not sure how all this racing stuff is relevant to riding an Indian on the street, I posted an example of a "standard IPE 600cc" 741 - i.e. a street engine built to more or less the same specs as the race engines. This street 741 does 90 Km/h (55 mph) at 3000 rpm very comfortably in third gear, and easily runs up to 85 Km/h in second. It has gone 130 Km/h (80 mph) with more left.

July 15, 2015: Well, not a real update this time either, but an added note on the front page that some prices are out of date, some parts sold out, and that I have a TON of parts that are not on the website yet - so ASK if you need something you don't see here, or if you are not sure what you need.

Also, racing at Bonneville is about to begin, and there will be a couple of Indians there that IPE has helped out with. It might be that I will get around to posting updates on this before I get to the parts and prices (good businessman that I am...). In any case, stay tuned.

June 13, 2015: Yes, IPE is still alive! In 2014 IPE sent parts to happy Indian riders in 24 countries on 5 continents.2015 so far has been fun too, helping out with Indian projects all over.

There will be some adjustments to the website. There are some parts that I will focus less on, and some that deserve a more prominent spot on the website. 

There are also a ton of "friends & customers" Indian pictures I have to post on the front page. I also hope to have updates from Bonneville, where several Team IPE Indians are set to race in the late summer of 2015. 

One of the things that has kept me from updating the website is not having a good idea about how to convey that IPE is as much a consultant as a supplier of parts. 

I spend more time on email helping customers understand their Indian than on actual sales of parts. I don't mind this - it is what I do, and what I want to do - but I would like to find a good way of explaining it on the website, since this is one of the main things that makes IPE special.

September 18, 2013: Report from Neil on how it went with his 741 racer at the 2013 BUB meet at Bonneville + 8 more customers & friends Indian photos
July 2, 2013: Posted a few more Indian photos in the friends & customers gallery.
June 26, 2013: Pendine Sands Speed Trials went well, and Chris got a chance to test the 741 racer with its new chassis and supercharger.
June 5, 2013: 1922 Scout sold. For Sale page
May 27, 2013: An adjustment of the price of PEEK manfold sealing cones to reflect rising costs, and 101 kick starters sold out. New valve cover pliers on the Chief page.
May 5, 2013: A couple of new parts on the 101 and Special Offers pages + an update of the 741 page + a few more Indian photos on the front page.
May 1, 2013: There are now 3 Indians signed up for racing at Pendine Sands.
April 30, 2013: Four more Indian photos added to the friends & customers gallery. Also a brief update on the races at Pendine Sands in Wales in June.
April 12, 2013: Updated some prices on the 101 page.
April 11, 2013: Land Speed Racing will be back in Europe in June this year! The 11 Km long Pendine Beach in Wales, where cars and bikes were raced from the early 1900s, will see the first race meeting of many years on June 22/23. There might just be an Indian or two racing there. Stay tuned.
April 7, 2013: 101 engine kit sold. Made a few minor changes to some pages too. Today is also the 4th anniversary of the "new" version of the IPE website! How time flies...
February 28, 2013: Part 7 of Grizzy's fabulous DiXiE vintage sprint Chout build story + a few more "customers ? friends" Indian photos. 1927 Scout aluminum cylinder heads on Special Offers page sold out, so too late if you needed a set, sorry.
February 20, 2013: Tried to make the mail order info page a bit clearer, not sure if it worked!
February 18, 2013: Valve guides in custom sizes for 101, and STD and over size for 741.
February 16, 2013: Three friends of mine - all Indian riders - are opening a coffee bar in Copenhagen, and the fabulously talented Cay Brøndum painted a cool 101 on the front of the counter. I couldn't resist posting a couple of snapshots on the front page over the weekend. I've taken them down again, but here they are:
Click to view full-size-Click to view full-size
February 15, 2013: Added 16 more Indian photosin the "friends & customers" album.
February 10, 2013: The Indian/NSU Four seems to have found a good home. I also put some parts pictures on the front page.
February 9, 2013: Cast aluminum tanks on Special Offers page sold.
February 6, 2013: Added some more "customers ? friends" Indian photos - keep 'em coming!
February 5, 2013: Two Indians - a 1947 Chief and a 1922 Scout - for Sale.
January 19, 2013: 2013 marks the 15th year of operations here at IPE. Thank you for your support and the fun we have had over the years! There will be a real update soon but, for now, I have just posted Mads' fabulous Indian/NSU Four that he has decided to find a new home for.

October 9, 2012: Bonneville 741 racer chassis sold (to Jim, one of Chris' pit crew at Speed Week; I hope there will be a story on the IPE website about his engine build - looks like it will be a stroker Scout!). Seat pans sold out, but I could probably get more, Special Offers page
September 23, 2012: Put the 101 engine kit on the front page. Two people have recently been really eager to buy it, but both deals have fallen through (one found out he already had too many Indian projects, and the other found another engine kit locally). This is a NICE engine and a good start on a 101 project. It deserves a good home.
September 12, 2012: Added some cool pictures of "friends & customes" bikes. Front page.
September 11, 2012: DiXiE - vintage spring Chout - has a new oil pump. Early Scout manifold on For Sale page sold, but two nice Corbin speedos now for sale. Also Bonneville race bike rolling chassis for sale on the front page. 
Summer 2012: Bella goes to Bonneville, and I mostly posted updates on this, and enjoyed the summer. I hope you did too!
May 28, 2012: Posted a rare 1955 Indian Woodsman (Royal Enfield Bullet in disguise) on the For Sale page.
May 24, 2012: Posted four more Indian photos in the Friends & Customers album, and added a few new countries to the list on the Mail Order page.
May 22, 2012: Posted a nice 1922 Chief front fender on the Special Offers page.
May 14, 2012: Belt buckles sold out. Put a few more fabulous "friends & customers" bikes on the front page.
May 11, 2012: Added yet another  sponsor - Tiny-Tach UK - to Chris' racer page. The bike is coming along nicely, only a few sprockets to make now before it goes in the container bound for Bonneville! Thank you to all these good people for helping this dream come true. 
May 9, 2012: 1935 Chief project sold. For Sale page
May 8, 2012: Added a new sponsor - Shawn Taylor Racing - to Chris' racer page
April 26, 2012: Bobber tail lights sold out. I don't think I will get any more. Special Offers page.
April 23, 2012: Added a new sponsor - Rock Oil - to Chris' racer page, and changed the number of remaining belt buckles on the Special Offers page.
April 19, 2012: Added a few parts to the Special Offers page.
April 17, 2012: Adjusted a few prices on the Chief and 741 pages.
April 15, 2012: Part 4 of Chris Ireland's 741 land speed racer story here. Foam carb floats for Schebler H, Schebler DLX and Linkert now back in stock. New Parts page.
March 31, 2012: The 101 rolling chassis found a new home, and I rearranged some of the pages involved. Also moved Neil's 741-with-CV-carb story from the front page to the 741 page.
March 28, 2012: Posted some pictures of a cool Chief bobber project on the For Sale page.
March 21, 2012: Posted a set of very nice looking original 1927-28 forks for a friend/customer on the For Sale page. Also put a set of really cool cast aluminum tank halves on the Special Offers page, and made a few minor updates on the 101 page.
March 10, 2012: Updated some prices on the 741 and Stroker Scout pages. On the front page, added a snapshot of a set of 1914 rods that have just been in for rebuild.
February 12, 2012: Just added a few more bike photos to the "friends & customers" section.
February 1, 2012: In-tank oil filters have gone up a little in price, but still cheap insurance for your engine. These filters fit most Chiefs and Scouts from the mid 1930s to 1953. See 741, Chief or Special Offers pages.
January 31, 2012: 101 project on the For Sale page is sold. Still one new rolling chassis for sale! January 25, 2012: New photos on the King Clutch page, a change in price for the 741 manual CD - and a nice 101 project on the For Sale page. 

December 27, 2011: More Hedstrom flywheel shaft clarification (is it clear now?) :-) on the News page.
December 25, 2011: Added a couple more "friends & customers" bike photos on the front page - this is turning into a pretty good place to start if you are looking for ideas for your Indian project! Also clarified that the diameters of the pinion- and drive shafts on Hedstrom twins changed in 1914 (I think) on the News page. Parts updates coming in January. Best wishes to everyone for 2012!
December 18, 2011: Plastic crank case breather valves no longer available, but I have the nice aluminum KV breather valves in stock. Pictures and details coming soon. News page.
December 17, 2011: Just rearranged things a bit on the front page, and made some technical changes in the way the page is written to make it easier to post updates.
December 14, 2011: Added pictures of a wonderful unrestored 101 and a kool old skool 741 bobber to the "friends ? customers" section on the front page. 
December 7, 2011: Posted part 3 of Chris Ireland's 741 Bonneville racer build story - including a cool video showing the bike with the engine running.
November 30, 2011: Added a couple more "friends' Indians" to the front page.
November 24, 2011: One of the things that set IPE about from most other suppliers of Indian parts is custom size bearing housings for crank cases, and races for connecting rods. I have posted a little about this on the News page. Also on the News page is a bit about the engine work IPE can do for you. I hope to find the time soon for a dedicated engine repair work page. 101 on the For Sale page sold. Updated a few prices on the Chief and 101 pages. Finally - as inspiration for your next Indian project! - on the front page, I posted some of the photos friends and customers have sent me of their Indians.
November 17, 2011: I figured it was time for an update of the About page to reflect how things have evolved at IPE since I first wrote the page in 2009.
November 5, 2011: Posted part 5 of Grizzy's building story. His DiXiE vintage sprinting Chout is such a great example of what can be done in a shed with lateral thinking and hard work. I also made some minor corrections, additions and updates on various pages - among them trying to point out that IPE has a lot of parts for 1920-27 Scouts and Sport Scouts, too.
October 20, 2011: Posted a way cool Sport Scout racer (not mine, regrettably) For Sale.
October 18, 2011: Minor updates on the Special Offers page.
October 17, 2011: Posted the first spy snapshot of the new IPE top caps for Keihin CV carbs (these are great carbs but they are a bit challenged in the good-looks department; new caps make them slightly less fugly) on the front page. First batch ready soon. Order yours now!
October 14, 2011: Added 101 rear axle castings to the 741 page (huh? -well, they are the same for 1928-30 101 and 741, and I figured not all 741 owners might be aware of this). 
October 10, 2011: Added some interesting original parts to the For Sale page. 
October 7, 2011: While I was at it, I also posted part 2 of Chis Ireland's 741 land speed racer build story. Today I have spent 9 or 10 hours on photography (such as it is, with my little pocket camera) and web updates. I hope someone out there finds the resulting pages interesting!
October 7, 2011: Later the same day, I even got around to taking pictures of 101 fuel and oil line fittings and making a list of them on the 101 page.
October 7, 2011: Finally got around to taking pictures of 101 and early Scout gaskets and listing them on the 101 page. I have a ton of small parts like these, that are not on the website (so ask if you need anything you don't see!). I hope to post more of them soon.
September 23, 2011: Posted 3 bikes for sale, and fixed a few prices on various pages.
September 21, 2011: Just one more Bonneville post! This one about a 741 engine that is very close to most street 741s. Also a long story about the new 101 rolling chassis and engine kit I have for sale. All of this on the front page, the 101 stuff continuing on a second page.
September 8, 2011: Last photos from Bonneville 2011. Now back to business - update with some interesting new parts coming soon!
September 2, 2011: Another update on the blown 741 at Bonneville - in the record books again. Front page.
August 22, 2011: Posted a brief update and some pictures of the blown 741 at Bonneville - now in the record books. Front page.
February 15, 2011: Posted first part of the story of the new racing project - Chris Ireland's 741 Land Speed Racer. Here. Stay tuned for more.
February 12, 2011: Just a few more price changes (101 and Chief taper roller steering head bearings, James gaskets). Update coming soon! Promise :-)
January 20, 2011: Just a few price changes (closed-cell foam floats and KING clutch kits).
January 20, 2011: Just a few updates (parts sold) on the Special Offers page. Still hoping to find time for that major update this month!

December 24, 2010: Ran out of time here at the end of the year, but there will be a major update in January. Best wishes for 2011 to all of you out there!
December 23, 2010: Posted part 4 of Grizzy's DiXiE vintage sprinter story.
October 18, 2010: 1925 Prince for sale. Sport Scout and Short Frame 101 sold. For Sale page
September 5, 2010: Just put a pic of the official timing slip from Bonneville on the front page.
September 2, 2010: Bonneville for the last time this year. I just added some details to the story on the front page. I will probably move the Bonneville story somewhere else soon (and get back to business!), but there will be a link to follow.
September 1, 2010: Bonneville, final(?) update for this time. After getting two official runs (doing 88.198 mph (141,91 km/h) over the timed mile) - both with a blowing a head gasket - a burnt cylinder head put a stop to the fun. But next time... :-)
September 1, 2010: Bonneville again (I hope this racing thing is over soon, so I can go back to actually putting some parts on the website!). Posted a brief update + cool video in the Salt Cracker box on the front page. There were problems Tuesday too, but they were solved (I hope), and everything should now be ready for a timed run later today...
August 31, 2010: Bonneville: Weather is better today, and lots of bikes running. No news about the Salt Cracker yet.
August 30, 2010: Latest update: Water has cleared from the short course and bikes are running now. It looks like the long course, for the really fast bikes, should be open tomorrow; not that the Salt Cracker needs to go there this year :-) No news from, or about, Lars yet, but stay tuned. 
August 30, 2010: Big news from Bonneville. Lars has the electronic ignition fitted the right way around now... (another piece of bad preparation during the rush to get the bike packed and shipped), and air leaks patched up - and IT'S RUNNING! First test rides yesterday, and first timed run today, if all goes well. Latest update: Things do not seem to be going very well... It rained last night, and there is still standing water on at least one of the courses (there are 2 race courses laid out on the salt for this year's BUB races; the long "International", 11 miles, and the "Mountain" course, 5 miles). Racing has been postponed until at least 2 pm (Bonneville is on MST time, which is UTC-7 hours). Salt conditions will be checked again then, and a decision made wether to go racing or wait until later/tomorrow. So we will see. More updates will be posted when I get them.
August 28, 2010: Bonneville: The BUB event began today, Saturday. Lars got a nice selection of pilot jets (he only had a few with him, bad preparation due to time constraints, but it was sort of now-or-never, so the main thing was to get the bike on the salt, and then take it from there) from the kind and wonderful Drew Gatewood of Gatewood Engineering And Race Support, on his way to BUB himself. Drew is an FIM and AMA technical steward, among other things, and will work at BUB in that capacity - keeping people honest :-) More updates will be posted as and when they come in.
August 25, 2010: News from Bonneville. Or rather, from Wendover - the tiny town next to Bonneville. Lars sent some pictures of his new "workshop" where he is trying to get the bike ready for BUB, which begins Saturday. There will be several helpers coming to BUB, so the plan is to get the basics sorted now, and then test ride (and hopefully race) at BUB. Stay tuned!
August 24, 2010: Put a new "spy shot" of machined cast iron Hedstrom pistons on the front page. Note correct pins with brass end button and the little locating pip. These pistons are made to measure, so allow some time for this when you order a set. Prices and more info coming soon.
August 24, 2010: Meanwhile, in Wendower, Utah, Lars (our fearless landspeed racing hero) is busy working on his 741 engine to get ready for the BUB event on the Bonneville Salt Flats come Saturday...
August 19, 2010: The first email update with photos came through from Lars at Bonneville with the Salt Cracker 741 racer. Internet conenctivity is a big problem out on the salt. Front page.
August 19, 2010: Posted a brief update from Lars at Bonneville Speed Week (still no internet).
August 17, 2010: First photo of the Salt Cracker at Bonneville. Front page. There is no internet connection at the salt, so new updates will come in when possible. Stay tuned!
August 13, 2010: Fixed typos in part numbers on Stroker Scout page. Thanks Lindsay!
August 13, 2010: Early Chief/Powerplus cast iron pistons sold to France. For Sale page
August 13, 2010: The Salt Cracker is now on a plane on its way to Bonneville to take part in the Speed Week and BUB land speed racing events. I hope to have some opdates directly from the salt to post on the front page, but - in any case - the building story will pick up where it ended a year ago when Lars, the owner, gets back home. Stay tuned! - And fingers crossed! 
August 9, 2010: Update on 741 manifold for CV carb + a change in price for tappet adjusting screws and lock nuts. 741 page
July 10, 2010: Put a cool "short frame" 1928 101 project bike on the For Sale page.
July 10, 2010: Added a couple of photos to the "friends & customers" section, front page.
July 7, 2010: Put a couple of photos on the front page of the 101 project that will be for sale soon. It is my own 101, but I am not sure when (or if) I will get around to it, so maybe it is time to let it go. I need to find the last parts, make a list of everything, and take some more photos to post on the For Sale page. Will do so asap, but this is the busy season, so it may take a little while. Feel free to email me for more information. Next part of the DiXiE story will be coming soon, and there may even be an update from Lars on the blown land speed racing 741! I also have some new parts to show. Soon...
July 7, 2010: Updated some prices on the James Gaskets, 741 and Special Offers pages.
May 29, 2010: DiXiE Oils Up! Part 3 of Grizzy's Sprint Chout build story.
May 13, 2010: Posted spy shot of casting pattern for the new manifold for Keihin CV carb on 741 with big manifold nipple. Stay tuned for more about this!
May 13, 2010: I got in touch with Lars Nielsen, builder of the "Salt Cracker" Bonneville racer (supercharged 741). There will be a major update soon, but for now I posted a photo of how the bike looks now.
May 13, 2010: Fixed some details and prices on the 101 page.
April 18, 2010: Posted part 2 of the DiXiE project story.
April 18, 2010: Posted an updated photo (front page) of the - now machined - cast iron Hedstrom pistons; actually the pistons in the photo are from the first test batch, now running happily in a couple of engines. This is the busy season, but I will find time to post an update on the new parts page soon, with prices and more details. These pistons are made to fit your fresh cylinder bore, and a small batch is planned for machining in about 6 weeks. If you need a set, let me know asap.
April 6, 2010: Minor update on the For Sale page (Knucklehead sold).
April 4, 2010: Posted first part of the new project series: Grizzy's fabulous "DiXiE" Chout, built for vintage sprinting (British sort of drag racing, "vintage" meaning pre-1930). Stay tuned!
April 4, 2010: Posted a couple more "Indians of Customers and Friends of IPE" on the front page (a bit down). Feel free to send me a snapshot of your Indian. If you want an IPE sticker for it, just ask.
April 4, 2010: Another friend told me that he has a set of good cast iron pistons for an early Scout, so I made a note of this in connection with the cast iron Chief pistons I have on the For Sale page.
March 16, 2010: Put a cool Sport Scout on the For Sale page for a friend. I don't usually do this (that's what the Virtual Indian ad pages are for), but on occasion I can be persuaded.
March 7, 2010: International Indian News magazine 2009 on the Special Offers page.
March 7, 2010: Sneak peek at upcoming parts: B Motor manifold (early Chief and special "B" option 101 + with cylinder machining and big manifold nipples fitted, it can be used with big Schebler or Linkert on other Scouts), Hedstrom cast iron pistons and ACE cylinders. Front page (more info on relevant sub pages soon).
March 7, 2010: New pic of complete 741 CV manifold kit + a note that the first batch of these manifolds is going fast - if you need one, you should let me know; I don't know when more will be made. Front and 741 pages.
March 7, 2010: A gentle reminder about some of the older IPE parts; in-tank oil filters, Bosch magneto points, 741/Sport Scout drive side seal nut. Front page.
February 3, 2010: Fixed a mistake (roller retainer details) on the Stroker page.
February 3, 2010: Made the PayPal info a little clearer (I hope!) on the Mail order page.
February 3, 2010: Fiberglass fenders (For Sale page) on their way to France.

September 23, 2009: Aluminum kickstarter mount sold out. 741 page
September 22, 2009: In-tank oil filters are back in stock after having been temporarily sold out.
741, Chief and Special Offers pages.
September 20, 2009: Powerplus sidecar on the For Sale page is sold. Someone asked about shipping costs for the fiberglass fenders there, so I weighed them and was a little surprised to see that the total weight for both fenders and chain guard was just 5 Kg. There will be a bigger update (more parts!) coming soon. I just have to get some photos first.
September 8, 2009: First major update after the summer. I have changed the For Sale page, and started putting some used original parts on. If feedback is positive, I will dig up some more stuff to put on next time.
September 8, 2009: New parts on the Special Offers page: 37"/600cc 101 aluminum cylinder heads, saddle bags, seat pan, Schebler air horn, grease gun, grease nipples (and a nifty adapter for the 1920s type nipples to allow the same grease gun to be used for both these and the newer type) and a really old-school 6V battery.
September 8, 2009: 1936-39 rigid frame Chief rear fender and leaf spring fork horn bracket on the Chief page.
September 8, 2009: New manifold for Keihin CV carb on stock 741 cylinders on the 741 page. Also a neat billet aluminum kickstarter mount. 
September 8, 2009: On the 101 page there are new photos of the reproduction 101 frame and leaf spring forks, as well as some nice front and rear fenders. Also the 101 transmission sliding gear that has been unavailable for so long. 
June 7, 2009: Spent some hours again on the latest Salt Cracker LSR update (time well spent!). Now we are really getting down to the motorhead nitty-gritty that I enjoy. Stay tuned for more.
June 7, 2009: Posted a couple of snapshots of the ongoing remake of the "99% New" Chief bobber. 1939 Chief Bobber page.
June 7, 2009: Put some new parts on the 101 page: Complete exhaust system kit, needles for Schebler DLX carbs, points for Bosch magnetos.
June 7, 2009: Powerplus muffler and oil tank quick drain valve on the New Parts page.
June 7, 2009: New photos of the ongoing 741 CV manifold project on the 741 page.
May 25, 2009: Spent a few hours on updating the Salt Cracker page. Things are really starting to roll now! No time tonight either for new parts, but I should have some for you next Sunday.
May 25, 2009: Got en email from the Australian gentleman who I had asked on the front page to write me from a different address, since his regular email account filtered out my replies no matter what hoops I jumped through. I now have an alternative address that I will try asap. So, if you should ever send me a question and hear nothing back from me for a very long time, check the IPE front page, where I will put a note for you if my email messages to you keep getting caught in your spam filter and bouncing back.
May 25, 2009: Added Wales to the list of countries on the Mail order page. Not a new country, just me shamefully forgetting to list it from the beginning. Sorry! 
May 17, 2009: Jeff Diamond of Victory Library kindly pointed out a couple of things I had overlooked on the stroker page.
May 17, 2009: Added Brazil to the list of countries where IPE has customers and friends. Mail order page.
May 17, 2009: Changed some numbers on the Special Offers page. Only a few VI T-shirts left.
May 17, 2009: I am waiting just as breathlessly as everyone else for news of the Saltcracker land speed racer. I hope to have a report from the owner soon... I was also supposed to put a few parts on some pages tonight, but time got away from me so it will have to wait until next time. Stay tuned.
May 10, 2009: 741 manual and parts book on CD. 741 page. Also update on CV manifold.
May 10, 2009: Aluminum cylinder heads for 1925 Scout on the Special Offers page. 
May 10, 2009: Cork and closed-cell foam floats for Schebler and Linkert carbs. Hedstrom crankpin. Crankpin, pinion- and drive shaft for Prince. All on the New Parts page.
May 10, 2009: 1921 Scout sold. 
April 16, 2009: Fixed still more minor details. Hope to have a few new parts to post soon.
April 12, 2009: Fixed some more mistakes; it is amazing how much only comes up once something is "finished" - It must be hard to write books and not have a chance to correct things.
April 11, 2009: Fixed some typing mistakes and such.
April 8, 2009: New developments on the Saltcracker page.
April 8, 2009: Virtual Indian T-shirts on the Special Offers page. 
April 8, 2009: 1921 Scout project and Powerplus sidecar on the For Sale page. 
April 7, 2009: New IPE website finally online. Phew! I think I need a little rest now.

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