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The parts here are a mix of one-offs, old stock, parts I only have one left of, and regularly available parts that felt right to put on this page. All parts are new, unless otherwise stated, but may have a little storage patina. New pix will be added on top - check back often and find something you didn't know you needed :-)


Genuine CHOPPER throttle kit for Linkert and Schebler carbs! Return spring to work with soft "modern" cable and non-Indian throttle grips. Only a few left. P/N CHOP1
EUR 50 EU - EUR 40 RoW
RoW = rest of world = orders sent outside EU
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101 saddle - Mesinger No 4 - beautiful with a little patina (it is new but I have had it for a while). P/N 35C32XB. 101s came with tan saddles from the factory, but the right bike looks fabulous with a black saddle. Only this one in stock. 
EUR 500 EU - EUR 400 RoW

Authentic quality reproduction by one of the best saddle makers. Meant for this new 101 chassis, but it was sold without the saddle.

No, not the Schebler carbs! (the DLX79 is sold and the DLX51 is on the Original Parts page), but the Schebler DL51 Air Intake Caps (air cleaners) for 101s - Indian P/N T980W. #10-24 Schebler screws included. Will also fit Linkerts, with holes enlarged a little for #12-24 screws. Originals were cast iron. I have one left in iron, two in brass. Nicely patinated for that unrestored 101:-)
EUR 80 EU - EUR 64 RoW

Apart from an attempt in 1940, no Indian came from the factory with an oil filter. Oil filters are a good idea... This in-tank oil filter slides over the return tube in the oil tank (imagine tank bottom at the red line). The black rubber on the end of the filter seals against the tube. You can still check that oil is returning; it bubbles nicely from the filter when everything is ok. To change the filter, pull it up by the little handle on top after having drained the tank. Fits mid 1930s up Chief, 741, Sport Scout etc. P/N TNKFLT. Also see here.
EUR 30 EU - EUR 24 RoW

I have one of these external Chief oil filter kits in stock. It clamps on to the front frame down tube and sits nicely out of the way between the frame tubes. The kit comes with everything you need to fit it - even a tube bender (trumpet shaped thing to the left in the photo). Beautiful smooth black anodized aluminum (filter is easy to paint if you like); see pix of the inventor's own Chief below. Filters can be found locally (list of filter numbers with the kit). P/N OLFLT1
EUR 250 EU - EUR 200 RoW

Not easy to photograph shiny parts like these stainless steel brake pedals. Top is a regular 1940-53 pedal. P/N SSPD40. Bottom sort of a hybrid. It has the long tube like the later pedal but is for 1936-39, and for cable operation of the rear brake. One of the things that detracts from the prettiness of late 1930s Chiefs is the very long brake rod going across the exhaust. This pedal is one of a few made to get around that - as seen here and here. P/N SSPD36. It is easy to weld up holes and drill new ones in these pedals to convert them to what you want; factory standard or custom. More brake pedals here
EUR 150 EU - EUR 120 RoW

The last stainless right hand police jockey shifter for Chief 1930s to 1953. I know I have an old pic of one of these on a police Chief, but I can't find it right now; will post here if I do. Way cool shifter much cleaner than the original setup, and with zero slop. Fitting instructions and pin for the bellcrank shaft included.
EUR 300 EU - EUR 240 RoW

And to go with your new police shifter - or any other Indian shifter (they all have 3/8"-24 threads) - a selection of cool shifter knobs! 
More pictures here.

Fitting saddle bags to 1940-53 spring frame Chiefs is a little problematic. There have been various solutions. Here is one; a set of plates that bolt to the 1940-47 cast iron luggage carrier (that also fits 1948-53 Chiefs). Drill for your bags bags to bolt on. P/N SBAGPL
EUR 170 EU - EUR 136 RoW

PEEK has become the standard material for Indian (and h-d) manifold sealing cones, and it is much better than the original brass, that got harder and harder as it went through engine heat cycles, until it got so hard that it stopped sealing. That just made people get out the BIG wrench to tighten the manifolds further, damaging the manifold and still not making the cones seal. IPE's PEEK cones are custom cut for each individual manifold to to ensure a tight fit.

A selection of manifolds with PEEK cones.

A single new cast iron 1925 Scout cylinder head (rear; no, sorry I don't have a front head). 1925 was the first year of detachable heads - before that they were cast in one piece with the cylinder - and this one was only used in 1925, with a new version in 1926. Threaded for the original 18mm spark plug. Note that primer hole isn't drilled (to avoid leaks) but you can easily do that yourself if you like.
EUR 250 EU - EUR 200 RoW

Chrome plated 1940-53 Chief manifold with PEEK sealing cones and chrome nuts (right in pic). Only one manifold left. The manifold has a small flaw on the flange; I would fix it with epoxy (Devcon, JB-Weld, Araldite etc). The chrome is nice on the manifold, but not so nice on the nuts. See pix below. Cadmium plated nuts available as alternative (EUR100/80 extra for 2, left in pic). PEEK is an engineering plastic perfect for manifold cones (<- see left column). PEEK is widely used in the machine industry, as well as many other engineering jobs where a hard and durable material is needed (like artificial knee and hip joints, for example).
EUR 300 EU - EUR 240 RoW
Manifold flange and chrome nuts.

Left side Chief tank. Fits 1940-53 (and maybe earlier) - the same basic tank was used for many years, with mainly the tank badge mounts and fuel tap/petcock position as differences. Never used, but not really new either. Maybe 20 years ago I was helpful - or stupid - enough to sell one half of a tank set to someone who was too cheap to buy the complete set of tanks. I have had this tank ever since... This is a traditional soldered tank made from tinned steel plate (look up "terne plate" if interested) like at the Wigwam. This means that it is relatively easy to resolder small leaks. Reasonable condition with a little surface rust here and there.
EUR 300 EU - EUR 240 RoW
More pictures/info here

A selection of left-over handlebar tubes for repair of 1920-45 leaf spring fork handlebars. 
A good start if you are going to make a set of custom handlebars for your Indian. Two left and one right. Two of them have been brazed (brass soldered) into a center casting and removed (I don't remember why) - probably best to cut off the ends before you do it again. You could maybe use the "functional" part of the tubes and weld them on some cut-in-half modern universal 1" handlebar you like, if you don't feel up to bending new tubes yourself. Only do things like this if you know what you are doing with welding etc! Sold together.
EUR 250 EU - EUR 200 RoW
Better picture of the ends here

Spotlight bar for 1946-48 Chief. Never used. Nice chrome. It bolts onto the lower fork spring seats (instead of the nuts normally used there) with two special "sleeve bolts" - of which one went missing many years ago. It is not hard to make another (or two matching while you are at it), I just never got around to it. Hex head here is 17 mm AF but use what material you can find. Thread is 3/8"-24. 
EUR 160 EU - EUR 128 RoW
3 Chiefs with this spotlight bar.
Pix by Petter K, Andy P and Peter O.

Billet front brake plate 1946-47. One of a few prototypes CNC machined many years ago. The project was abandoned after that as they would be too expensive to make, and you will have to drill and thread (1/4"-24, unless you use a non-Indian cable adjuster) the cable hole yourself. Pretty unique piece. If your Chief was ever stolen and you were asked to identify it, just looking inside the front brake drum would be enough! Smoothing toolpath on the outside (takes forever) and roughing left on the inside.
EUR 250 EU - EUR 200 RoW

See? CNC machined billet aluminium! :-)

Front brake drum of unknown provenance. I have used these on various Chiefs and, even if they sometimes need a little detail work, they work well enough. 1946-47 and 1952-53. Will work for 1948-51 too if you don't need the front wheel speedo drive inside the brake drum.
EUR 200 EU - EUR 160 RoW

Super quality 1946-53 rear brake drum. Someone ordered it from me about 4 years ago and was never heard from again. Of course nobody else has needed one since, so here it is. I have used these brake drums on several Chiefs and they are a joy to work with, and last well (maybe that's why nobody has needed a new one for so long!).
EUR 300 EU - EUR 240 RoW

Other side looks good too.

I can take more pictures of most parts if needed.

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