Update May 18, 2023 Everything here still available (some of the kits to order and there can be some waiting time on these). New addition - picture coming soon - 1940-42 Indian Four clutch kits - ask.

Update September 10, 2018 (and some new pictures November 11 2019)

The supply of King clutch kits has been on-and-off for some years, but I have alternative clutch kits for most models that I have used in rotation with King. 

All models of these clutch kits have been tested and used by many different riders over the years, and all of them - King and alternative - have worked very well. Not one rider has wanted to go back to original clutch plates after trying how good their clutch can work!

Now production of King clutches has ended.

The alternative clutch plates are of the same construction, using the same materials, and they work and last just as well. 

I have many customers (including some who ride their 80" and 84" Chiefs hard) who are still on their first of the alternative clutch kit after 10 years. These clutch kits work just as well as King.

I will update this page as soon as I can, with revised text, pictures and prices etc. 

In the mean time, just ask.

IPE Clutch Kits are now available for:
* Chief, Sport Scout and 741, including springs.
* 1920s Scout, including springs.
* Excelsior Super-X, including springs.
* Ace and Indian Four up to 1929, no springs, sorry.
* Indian Four 1930-40, no springs, sorry.
* Henderson 1917-31, springs to special order.

The first 3 kits are usually in stock, the four-cylinder kits to order.

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Clutch kit for Chief, Sport Scout, 741 and 1928-31 101 (the only difference is how many springs are used) This kit now includes extra "packing" fiber discs. Instructions come with the clucth kit (or email me).

IPE Clutch for Indian Ace and Early Four
Clutch Kit for Indian Ace and Early Four.

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Clutch kit for 1920-27 Scout and Super-X (no springs in this photo, but they come with the kit).

Below the old text on this page. Much of it is still relevant to the alternative IPE Clutch Kits, but I will update it as soon as I can - at least now I don't have to email the whole explanation every time someone asks about a clutch kit! 

From the introduction of the KING Clutch on the Virtual Indian website at the turn of the century, KING right away became state of the art for clutch plates for Indian twins and has remained so ever since. The KING Clutch just plain works.

The clutch was always a weak point on Indians. The basic design dates back to the earliest models, and since increasing the diameter slightly in 1922 the factory didn't do much development. While the original clutch works ok with the lower powered early models, it doesn't really work too good in Indians from the 1930s up. Who hasn't suffered from noisy gear shifts and dragging clutch on their late model Indian? A KING Clutch kit is a big help with all these problems. Check out the user feedback further down the page.

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Clutch kit for Henderson 1917-31.
The KING Clutch is the first serious attempt at solving these problems at a reasonable cost. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques combined with worldwide sales makes it possible to offer a vastly superior clutch for your Indian for not much more than you would pay for OEM clutch plates. 

KING Clutch kits are available for these models: Chief, Sport Scout, 741 and 101, early Scout and Super-X, Ace and Indian Four 1920-29, Indian Four 1930-40 (use this kit with early flywheel in 1940-42 Fours), and Henderson 1920-31. Four cylinder kits are not usually in stock, so order in good time before you need them. V-twin kits are usually in stock for quick shipping. More info further down this page.

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Clutch kit for Indian Four 1930-40.
KING Fiber Plates are precision die-cut 6061-T6 aluminum, tumbled and acid etched, with high grade Kevlar linings bonded on under heat and 40 tons of pressure. Tough aluminum core ensures that clutch studs are not damaged.

KING Steel Plates are double ground so they are absolutely straight and flat. Rockwell hardness is matched to Indian clutch hubs to make sure hubs don't wear, and that plates are more durable than OEM. These superior steel plates come with all KING clutch kits now.

KING Springs are double ground to the correct dimensions and heat treated to set spring tension. You may not want to fit the maximum number of springs there is room for (16). Some people are very happy with 12 - or as little as 8 - springs, which gives a softer clutch action. Number of springs fitted must be divisible by 4, i.e. 16, 12 or 8. Scouts use 12 springs from the factory. Chiefs 16.

Not a typical job for an Indian clutch, but Rocky and his Dream Catcher streamliner was one tough testbed for the clutch. Read more about Dream Catcher here
Rocky RIP
KING Clutch user feedback

KING Clutch plates were originally presented in the Virtual Indian website, and a number of members of the VI community volunteered to test the first plates. You can read their uncensored feedback here

How to fit a KING Clutch

Also on the Virtual Indian magazine site, here is an article about how to fit a KING Clutch kit on your Indian. It can be done in a hour or so and using only common hand tools. 

Lars' supercharged 741 also used a clutch with the construction and materials described here.

So did Grizzy's Chout sprinter.

And Chris Irelands 741 racer.

P/N Price list for Clutch kits EUR (EU) World
CK1 101, 741, Sport Scout and Chief. Complete kit with steel plates and springs. In stock ask ask
CK2 Scout 1920-27 + Super-X. Complete kit: Fiber and steel plates and springs. In stock ask ask
CK3 Ace and Indian Four up to 1929. Fiber & steel plate kit. Special order, not in stock ask ask
CK4 Indian Four 1930-1940. Fiber and steel plate kit. Special order, not in stock
Note: Flywheels changed in 1940, but this generally accepted to be a backwards step. Most people fit the pre-1940 flywheels to their 1941-42 Fours and use the 1930-40 clutch.
ask ask
CK5 Henderson Four 1920-31. Fiber & steel plate kit. Special Order, not in stock ask ask
All Prices in Euros - Ask for prices not listed

Ordering or questions: info@indianpartseurope.com

For more information on prices, ordering, payment,
shipping and general mail order info, look here


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