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Yes, I know the brake cable isn't in the clamp in the photos. An older restoration, presumably done in the mid 1970s and just standing around in the owner's living room since where it had deteriorated somewhat, it needed a bit of work, short of a complete re-restoration. The basic challenge was to make it run good and look acceptable on a limited budget. Transmission, brakes, electrics etc were fixed up as economically as possible. Only stuff that needed fixing was fixed.

New King clutch, new tires/chain and a few reproduction parts were fitted, and a few things like a new exhaust pipe fabbed up on the cheap. The pipe is not a real replica, but it's an exhaust pipe that allows the bike to run and didn't cost much to make (hey, it's even in stainless steel). Cheated with the headlight as well; a 1928 like this shouldn't have a 1940's Motolamp, but a simple DIY bracket (see 3rd pic from the top) and relatively cheap reproduction '40s headlight were fitted, lighting the way and not looking too out of place. 

There is a case to be made for not being too hung up on originality and just getting an Indian on the road by whatever means available. I know this isn't news to most oldtimers, but I have known people to put off for years getting their Indian project finished because they figured they had to save up for all correct parts first. 

Original and restored-to-original Indians are wonderful (I have nothing but awestruck admiration for the lengths some people go to to bring an Indian back to the way it was when it left the Wigwam), but if doing this is a problem for any reason, just focus on getting it running and go out and have fun on it. You can always fit the correct headlight later.

The paint came up nicely. Ran pretty good. Now living in Germany. The white stuff in the photos is snow.

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