Last Updated May 29, 2010
Part 3 - DiXiE Oils Up!
By Grizzy

As we are installing a positive oiling system (that is, not the original total-loss setup), it is now necessary to have a flywheel "scraper" to help collect the used oil to be returned to the tank. I did not want to take the web between case halves in the sump area out completely so I just drilled and filed out some transfer holes in it to allow oil to flow from side to side. I have also made a bigger "drain-off hole" in the drive side lower crank case (more of that later).

The scrapers (yes two, one for each wheel) are made from 5 mm dural (road sign!), the 1/4" UNC countersunk bolts are tapped and treaded into the crankcase - they have lock nuts AND Loctite! I'm not taking any chances.

Now we have taken away some (not all) of the splash feed, the front piston will suffer from lack of lubrication, as it would have been reliant on "oil-throw" from wet flywheels. Now, with the scrapers in place, there is a need for an alternative form of cylinder oiling. 

As I am upgrading the oilpumps, a simple oil way bolt-and-banjo fitting should do the job (this one is from a Lister diesel return line). The factory must have thought of this since they cast in this neat boss in just the right place!

Ah-haa, that is what I was waiting for! P/N 40871 Outer Race, ground to 1.752" OD, with P/N 28B161 Nut, Race Retaining! Ordered, ground to size, via IPE. Now isn't that a beautiful piece of engineering?

As the observant among you have probably seen, there is an oil way on the new outer race that the early Chief did not have. This new oilway I intend to take full advantage of! As you can see on the old race there is a bit of damage just to remove it, and also you can detect a bit of overheating where the inner end has discoloured.


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While we were at the stage of positive oil feed for everything, I thought the drive side main might benefit from a bit of pressurised oil too. The fitting in the crank case nose seen here lines up with the new outer race oil way (take note: serious race oil!).

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