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Parts for the 1928-31 Scout 101 have always been a central part of the IPE range. I have most parts you will ever need for your 101, and I will be making an updated list of all this as soon as possible. But, for now, here is a page with a small selection of 101 stuff . Please keep in mind that some of these parts are in limited production, or made to order only, meaning that they may not always be in stock and that it may take some time for more to be made. So - as always - it is a good idea to plan ahead and order your parts in plenty of time before you will need them.  Please note that many of these parts fit 1920-27 Scout too, so if you have an early Scout feel free to get in touch.
I have a lot of parts for the Bosch D combined magneto and generator/dynamo, fitted to most 101s, and other Indians from around that time, that were imported into Europe (see further down the page). But most of these I only have to order. Right now I have a couple of these super nice cam rings (Bosch calls them Interruptor Housings). Note the hard and precision ground inlays for the actual points cams. I also have these rings, to special order, for other engines with different cylinder angle and/or direction of rotation (Indian is 42 degrees, right hand rotation), like 45 degrees, 50 degrees and for single cylinder engines fitted with the Bosch D. 
P/N ZNC 11/14. Bosch D cam ring. Sold out 
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Bosch D cam ring.
Valve guides for 101 are made to measure to fit the cleaned-up bores in your cylinders. The youngest 101 cylinder is now 82 years old, so it isn't likely that your valve guide bores are still on STD size. If they are, you can get your new guides in STD size, but it is a good idea to spend a little time making sure the bores are not oval or tapered before ordering new guides. These guides also fit late 1925-27 Scout cylinders (early 1925 and back had different guides). I also have valves, valve springs, collars and keys for 101. Usually also valve spring covers. Push rods are available in several over sizes. Most of this is usually in stock, but not always, so order early. P/N 25B187  Valve guide, in/ex, late 1925-31, each. Sold out  Click to view full-size
101 valve guides (also 1925-27 Scout).
Good quality gaskets for 1920-27 Scout and 1928-31 101.
2023 still some of these gaskets in stock - ASK
P/N 20C20  Cam cover, 1920-31. 
P/N 28B123 Crank case breather, 101. 
P/N 20B127 Cylinder base, 600cc/37" (set of 2). 
P/N 27B160Cylinder base, 750cc/45" (set of 2). 
P/N 22B127 Oil pump, 1922-27.
P/N 28B36  Oil pump, 1928-30. 
P/N 36B391 Oil pump, 1931-32.
P/N PRCGSK Inner primary to crankcase, '20-31. 
(note for PRCGSK: the factory didn't use a gasket here, but it is a good idea to do so)
P/N PRTGSE Inner primary to transmission, '20-27 
P/N PRTGSL Inner primary to transmission, '28-31 
P/N 24C55 Primary cover, early (small clutch). 
P/N 28C27 Primary cover, 101 (big clutch). 
P/N TTPGSK Transmision cover.
P/N 35B262 Generator drive to primary. 
P/N 35B273 Generator drive housing.
P/N DL28 Carb to manifold.
P/N 24C32 Cylinder head 1925 (set of 2). 
P/N 25C45 Cyl. head, 1926-up 600cc/37" (2). 
P/N 27B74 Cylinder head, 750cc/45" 101 (2). 
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Early Scout and 101 gaskets. 1928-30 oil pump gasket missing in photo, but is in stock again now - things occasionally sell out, so don't wait until the last minute before ordering parts you know you will need.
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Cylinder head gaskets too! 
Reinforced "asbestos" (not) type.
Left to right: 1925, 1926-up 600cc, and 1928-31 750cc.
(note: 600cc head gaskets have 9/16" 101-size bolt holes but can be used on 1926-27 engines with smaller 3/8" studs)
101 oil and fuel lines are best made to fit your actual bike. IPE has all the fittings for you to do so. I also have 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" copper pipe, but you can probably find this locally. Nuts/nipples can go in a letter but pipe has to be sent as a parcel which costs more. I even have fittings for metric pipe, if you prefer this, in addition to the original 1/4", and 3/8" sizes. 5/16", as used for the hand oil pump, is for all practical purposes the same as 8mm.

2023 - sorry, no longer available - if you have a lathe and decide to make more than you need yourself let me know :-)

Mechanical oil pump, tank end:
P/N OPTNUT Nut, 9/16"x24. 
P/N OPTNIP Nipple for 3/8" pipe as original. 
P/N OPTNI8 Nipple, alternative 5/16" or 8mm pipe.
Mechanical oil pump, pump end:
P/N OPPNUT Nut, 5/8"x24. 
P/N OPPNIP Nipple for 3/8" pipe as original. 
P/N OPPNI8 Nipple, alternative 5/16" or 8mm pipe.
P/N 38CPIP 3/8" copper pipe, 1 meter..
Hand oil pump, tank/crankcase end (same nut/nipple both ends, so order 2 of each):
P/N HOPNUT Nut, 1/2"x24. 
P/N HOPNIP Nipple for 5/16" or 8mm pipe.
P/N 516PIP 5/16" (8mm) copper pipe, 1 meter. 
Fuel line, tank and carb end (same nut/nipple both ends, so order 2 of each):
P/N FLNNUT Nut, 7/16"x24. 
P/N FLNNIP Nipple for 1/4" pipe as original. 
P/N FLNNI6 Nipple for alternative 6mm pipe. 
P/N 14CPIP 1/4" copper pipe, 1 meter.

2023 - however I DO have them for 741, Sport Scout and later Chief! ASK

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Some of these fittings probably also work for earlier - and later, for that matter - Scouts, as well as other Indian models. Let me know what you need (including diameters and thread counts) and I will see what I can do.

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All you need is a propane blow lamp or big soldering iron, flux and solder. Soldering up your own oil and fuel lines is dead easy. There are lots of how-to websites (search for "soldering copper pipe") if you are not sure how to go about this.

I finally got some better photos taken of the reproduction 101 frame. This one is for 1928-30 with the external band brake on the rear wheel, but the 1931 frame (with internal rear brake, like later models) is also available to order. The frames are made with castings and traditional methods, and look just like the original Wigwam frames. These frames are made in small batches whenever there are enough orders. This means that you can not count on one being available when you need it. You will usually have to order one in advance and wait for it to be ready. That can take from 6 weeks to 6 months - usually around a couple of months, depending on timing. P/N 101FRM, new 101 frame, 1928-30 (1931 costs a little more). 2023 - still available to order, but count on longer delivery times - also frames and leaf spring for other models - more about this soon (or ASK)
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1928-30 reproduction 101 frame. 
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Reproduction 101 frame details.
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All other 101 chassis parts also available to order.
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And here are some new photos of the reproduction 101 leaf spring forks

(I have never understood why the thing with two legs at the front of a motorcycle is called a *pair* of forks in English; but it just ocurred to me that it might have its origin in bicycle forks, referring to the "fork" at the bottom of each leg where the wheel axle is inserted - which is, of course, now a hole rather than a fork on most motorcycle forks... If anyone has a better explanation, let me know.) 

As described below in an earlier entry, the 101 forks here are made with castings and tubing, joined together by traditional methods like they did it at the Wigwam. Like the frames, the forks are made in small batches whenever there are enough orders so, again, you can not count on them being instantly available at all times. Usually you will have to order one and wait for it to be made with the next batch. Again, as with the frames, that can take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months. P/N 101FRX, new 101 leaf spring forks (1928-31). 2023 - still available to order, but count on longer delivery times

Repair parts for frames and forks are sometimes available to order.

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1928-30 reproduction 101 leaf spring forks
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Reproduction 101 leaf spring fork details.
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Fork parts are only loosely assembled in photos.
And more orange primer! Here we have 101 front and rear mud guards (fenders). 

The front one fits 1928-30, the rear one in the photos is for 1929-31, but can be retrofitted to your 1928 if you are tired of having to remove the whole fender to take the rear wheel off. In 1929 the Wigwam found out that it was a good idea with a hinged tail-piece to help with rear wheel removal. 

The hinge also comes in handy if you would like to "bob" your 101. Instead of hacksawing off the rear end of the fender, you can now just unbolt it. Very civilized (but is it in the true spirit of bobbers? Hmm...). 1928 rear mud guard is also available, should you want one for whatever reason. 

Note that the fender stays ("braces" in the parts book) are included, but not attached. These bikes vary enough from oneanother to make pre-fitted stays somewhat risky, so you must fit the mudguards and stays to the bike they are going to live on. Not a difficult job, but it can take a bit of time to get everything right.

P/N 27D18X, 101 front mud guard with stays. Sold out.

P/N 35D8X, 101 rear mud guard with hinge and stays. Sold out.

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1928-31 front mudguard with stays.
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1929-31 101 rear mud guard with hinged rear end and stays.
The sliding gear is usually the gear suffering the most in the archaic "crash" gearbox of the 101 and earlier Scout (actually that goes for later Indians too). These gears have not been available for some time, but are now back again in limited quantity. This gear fits Scouts back to 1920, up to and including the 1928-31 101. P/N 20B19, 101 sliding gear, Sold out.. The other two gears are also available new, and also fit Scouts from 1920-31. P/N 20B122XX, 101 countershaft gear with bushings and shaft, Sold out. P/N 20B124X, 101 sprocket driver gear, Sold out. P/N 28C30, mainshaft for 101 is available to special order. 2023 - these may become available again - ASK. Click to view full-size
101 sliding gear.
Contact breaker points for Bosch D magnetos have long been a problem, but are now available new. The points fit many other Bosch models too, the threads are M3.5. These are super high quality stuff. Polished tungsten (wolfram in Euro-speak) points are vacuum soldered onto threaded part. Comes with lock nut and washer (the parts shown to the right in photo, original contact breaker body, on the left, shown for reference only). P/N MAGPTS, Sold out. More Bosch magneto parts further down on this page. I will try to make a page with all the Bosch magneto parts I have, but it probably won't happen before next winter. If you need anything for your Bosch mag in the meantime, just email me.
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Bosch magneto points from IPE.
Getting the exhaust system to fit properly is another long-standing problem. With this neat DIY kit, you can line things up to suit your own 101 before brazing or welding the front exhaust pipes to the main pipe and applying your favorite heat resistant paint. The silencer has baffles in the detachable tailpipe, kit comes with cylinder nuts and clamps. Will adapt to fit both 37" (600cc) and 45" (750cc) models, but might need a bit of tweaking for a perfect fit, like so many other Indian parts, old or new. P/N 101EXH, Temporarily sold out, but let me know if you need one and I shall see what I can do. Prices often change a bit when new batches of parts are being made.
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Silencer baffles.
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Clamps and cylinder nuts.
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101 exhaust system kit from IPE.
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Details, brazed (hard-soldered) construction.
High- and low speed needles for Schebler DLX carbs are yet another long-time headache for 101 riders. These new adjustable needles are not 100% like the original factory needles, but seem to work (and look) reasonably well. 

To fit the needles, you loosen the set screw in the side of the knob, screw the knob home, insert needle and gently seat it, tighten screw, and cut off any excess length of needle that may stick out of the knob. 

Sorry I couldn't take a better and more clear photo of the script on the top of the knobs with my little pocket camera, but - again - it looks OK on a bike that is being used, even if it may not be 101% Correct Looking. If anyone wants to produce the Perfect DLX Needles, I am all ears... Set of two nickel plated needles with hex key for the set screws, P/N DLXNED, Sold out.

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Schebler DLX needle.
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IPE has new reproduction 101 frames to order These frames are made with castings and brazed-in tubing just like the original frames from the Wigwam, and they look just like the original frames. Available for 1928-30 models with band rear brake, or 1931 with drum brake. Delivery time varies, but usually between 6 weeks and 6 months. The frame in the photo here has had a Standard Scout engine and Chief gearbox temporarily fitted. These "102" models (never an official name) which are 101s with the later Standard engine, often in stroker form, are becoming increasingly popular. Maybe the ultimate 101 is a stroker 102 with a new 4-speed Chief gearbox? P/N 101FRM. New 101 frame (1928-30 or 1931). See price and more photos/info above. Click to view full-size
New 101 frame.
New 101 leaf spring forks are also available to order. Again, these are built with authentic looking castings, and traditional brazed-in tubing just like the original forks. Parts for the leaf spring forks are available separately to order. 

I will see if I can get a better picture, but for now here is one of a mockup with a strange front wheel (if you didn't know better, it would look like I spent a lot of time playing around with parts and trying out crazy ideas, no?). You can also see some pictures of new frames and forks on the Chout page.

Leaf spring forks are also available for other models to order. Among them forks for ~1936-39 Chief and Four, and the longer 1940 military forks. The latter will not take the 1940-up skirted fenders, as these forks are made with the earlier, narrow, lower bridge casting, but will look great on a plunger frame Chief with bobbed or military - or no - front fender. Several well-known Indian riders all over the world use these forks (or parts thereof to repair their original forks). More on this on the Chief page. P/N 101FRX. New 101 leaf spring forks (1928-31). See price and more info/photos above.

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New 101 leaf spring forks.
To fit your new forks to your new frame, you will need some steering head bearings. IPE has stock reproduction bearings in good quality (see below), and also these super neat stainless taper roller bearing sets for 1928-31 101. Top cone (left in photo), top frame cup (left front), lower cone and cup (top right) are included. Stainless 17B3 top nut extra. This top nut fits most (all?) models from Powerplus to 1945 Chief, so if you want to brighten up your Chief this is an option. The top cone can be used with a modern roller bearing for leaf spring forked Chiefs (you will need to lathe cut the bottom of the cone off), just like a regular (original or reproduction) 101 top cone can be used. Stainless taper roller bearing set for 101, P/N 28SHBX, Sold out. NOTE: Also available for earlier Scouts, P/N 20SHBX, same price. Stainless top nut, P/N 17B3SS, Sold out. Top cone only, P/N 28B106SS,Sold out.

2023 - ask for alternative solutions.

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IPE stainless taper roller bearing set for 101. Also available for pre-1928 Scout. Stainless top nut will also fit leaf spring Chief.
Stock reproduction steering head bearings kits are available for 1928-31 101 (P/N 28SHBK) and also for earlier Scouts (P/N 20SHBK). The only difference is the top cone (see photo to the left of here - 101 cones in the photo, early Scout cone not shown; it's flatter, basically like the lower part of the 101 cone). The complete bearing set, with balls and all - either version; early Scout or 101, costs Sold out.

See Chief page for tech tip regarding loose handlebars on steering stem.

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Factory type steering head bearings from IPE. Also available for pre-1928 Scout. 
Complete 101 handlebars are available to order. Also available are all the parts to make your own handlebars, center casting and the control parts, so you can bend tubing to suit your preferences and braze (hard solder) everything together yourself. Handlebar casting, 1931-37 (P/N 92003, can be used for other years - the basic geometry is the same for all years 1920-45), Email me for price and current delivery time info. Currently that is the only model available, but other years may be made again in the future. Not in photo are the control sleeves and rubber grips, but I have these too, for various years and models. Also control wire and all associated parts. I will try to make a list of all this asap. Click to view full-size
Handlebar parts from IPE, various years and models, or mix your own (note 1928-30 center casting in photo currently not available). All the rest of the handlebar related parts are available too. Ask for details.
IPE has most parts for the Bosch D-type magneto/generator (but stocks of these parts are currently low, so consider most of them "special order" with a bit of waiting time). This wonderful instrument was never originally fitted at the Wigwam, but many European importers ordered Scouts from the factory without magneto and generator from the factory, and fitted Bosch equipment before delivering the bikes to their local dealers and customers. The Bosch D is a combined magneto and generator (6V, 30W) and is fitted at the front of the engine, where the magneto go on Splitdorf equipped US models (so the gear drive off the clutch for the under-saddle generator, with its neat imitation of the sound of an approaching tram, used on Splitdorf models isn't in use here). The D is of extremely high quality, and super reliable if rebuilt correctly. Here is a 101 with Bosch D magneto/generator (with non-functioning generator part, so it also has a generator under the saddle). All sold out. Click to view full-size
Bosch D parts from IPE. I have more, not in the photo.
Among the Bosch D parts IPE has, is this gasket and seal kit (P/N DGSKIT). Sold out. Other D parts include: Points, cam rings, slip rings, point center screw, point caps (with or without cutout switch), brushes, bearings, shims, paper washers, gears, condensers, exchange generator armatures, electronic regulators end much more. I will try to make a complete listing of all this asap, but if you need anything in the meantime, just ask. By the way, the original model used on 101s was the DVAR, but most single or twin cylinder D mags can be converted fairly easily to Indian use. There is a great page with more D info here: Click to view full-size
Bosch D gasket and seal kit.
More shiny stuff for your 101! As may be guessed from looking at the pages of this website, I kinda like stainless steel for non-structural motorcycle parts. These nifty stainless 101 valve spring covers are an example. They have o-rings for sealing (you can just see the black o-ring in the photo in the open end of the threaded cover, front left), like the covers I have for Chiefs and 741, but are otherwise indentical and interchangable with stock 101 covers. P/N 16A59SS. Sold out. Also availble nickel plated (no o-ring, P/N 16A59N) and in chrome (also no o-ring, P/N 16A59C) Sold out. for a set of 4. Nickel was used on 101s in 1928 and 29, chrome plating in 1930 and 31. I also have a lone set with no plating (you could paint them for a low-budget ride, or gold plate them for a 101 pimpmobile!) on the special offers page. Click to view full-size
Stainless o-ring 101 valve spring covers from IPE.
IPE not only has more or less all 101 chassis parts to order, from frames and complete wheels to small brackets, but also some parts that were either intended for other models or can be used on them. Left in the photo is the P/N HRNBR1 bracket for mounting a Klaxon horn on the handlebars of a 1922-27 Scout. The bracket can also be used for most other models and years, up to 1945, I think (customizing your Indian with factory parts, nice), as the center distance of the handlebar pinch bolts remains the same. EUR30.00 (EU), EUR24.00 (World). The larger bracket to the right, is the P/N BATBR1 101 battery box bracket. This one also fits rigid frame Chiefs up to 1939. I am not sure if there were any minor changes over the years, or if it remained completely unchanged (I didn't get around to studying the parts books before writing this, but will keep it in mind and mention it here if new info comes up), but I used it for the "99% New Chief" without problems. You will also need one of these, or a similar DIY alternative, if you build a Chout, as there is no other (easy and neat) way to mount the lower front end of the rear fender. SOLD OUT - ask for price/availability.  Click to view full-size
Horn and battery bracket from IPE.
IPE also has a selection of good reprints of original factory literature for early models. In the photo, from top left and clockwise: 

Parts list for Indian Scout 1920-26 (1927 was an oddball year where the factory used up all their old parts before starting to build 101s, and 1927s can be very different depending on their original market, so you are on your own here; I have never seen a 1927 parts book, and I am not sure one was ever printed - if you know I am wrong, I would love a copy!). Parts list for the 1928-1930 101 (the 1931 parts book supplement is also available). Instruction book for the Indian Chief and Scout, undated, but covers early to mid 1920s models. And finally the Schebler Service Station Manual from 1928. A few still in stock in 2023 ask.

Other factory reprints include: 401 parts list, parts list for Indian Chief and sidecar, 1922-26 and Correct Lubrication of Indian Motocycles (from the 1920s). Ask if you need anything else, it might be available.

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Factory literature reprints from IPE.
All Prices in Euros

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